Movie, TV and video Distribution

Get your own TV shows, Movies, Music Videos, and Roblox Videos on RPOP.XYZ now


free distribution of TV shows [15m maximum length]

free distribution of movies [20m maximum length]

R$5 worth of adverts on website

to increase maximum length on releases there is addons available.

addon of:
more movie and tv time (5m) = R$13
bigger file size acceptance (+1gb) = R$65

Why are prices of addons so expensive?

RPOP.XYZ has a long process to add Media onto it's platform. Depending on the quality of the video, file sizes vary. File Sizes limit at 2GB on RPOP.XYZ, but you can purchase a +1GB per video file acceptance. if you do not want a 3GB limit, instead you want a 2.5 limit you can get it for cheaper that R$65. Please contact us if so.

RPOP.XYZ uses internet data storage. That sadly isn't free in alot of cases which means that we need to be able to keep the money for RPOP.XYZ here so the website is free to use.

to increase file maximums on releases there is full account addons available.

addon of:
ACCOUNT] increase of +50GB file size (per account) = R$650

I want to distribute.


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