Medicality is a TV show which has been funded for 1 season by RPOP.XYZ
Medicality features multiple of RPOP's biggest artists who take on roles of themselves.

Medicality is set in a world where RPOP musicians decided to not be musicians and become doctors instead. It is set in a hospital named Sparkle Medical Centre.

Release Date: September-December 2022

Production Started Date: June 2022

Opening Theme: Not Disclosed

Episodes: 5

Snow Queen - As Doctor Snow (a Trauma Surgeon)
Globble - As Doctor Globble (a Cardio Surgeon)
Dojac - As Doctor Dojac (a General Surgeon)
Poot Poot Pearl - As Doctor Pearl (a OB/GYN Surgeon)
Mrs Peis - As Doctor Peis
Justin Awesome - As Doctor Justin (a Urology Surgeon)

More cast is expected to be announced within the upcoming weeks.